Raising the next generation of children is more distracting than ever. We want to raise children with purpose, who excel not only in their pursuits but in the character that makes them victorious when life throws them challenges. How do you give your children the best opportunities without feeding the narcissism prevalent in our selfie society? By giving them integrity.

Building children requires integrity: the wholeness that comes from knowing who you are, what you stand for and what you live for. Integrity is consistent; it can be counted on. Building children with integrity helps them to own the ethics and character that will stand against the flood of social opposition to strong values.

How to Build Children with Integrity is a toolbox of resources and ideas for parents and those who are involved with children. This book is meant to be used as a springboard to inspire people to think of how they can take normal everyday life and build something lasting in children along the way. As we dedicate ourselves to these tasks, results will follow.


I want to invite you to take a journey with me while we study and apply ourselves to live out our priorities. It is a journey designed to leave excuses behind as we apply ourselves to an extreme relationship workout. We are going to lift the ideals we have settled for in our relationships to new standards, set aside pre-conceived ideas, commit to develop and apply new skills, and take a look at some of the priorities we have unintentionally allowed to slacken. As we dedicate ourselves to these tasks, results will follow. This book will give you the tools to enjoy marathon relationships.

• Avoid common obstacles that hinder successful communication
• Identify destructive habits that are eating away at marital happiness
• Prepare to get through problems without danger or injury to your relationship
• Achieve true intimacy, love, and friendship with your husband
• Hold onto joy through the ups and downs of life together
• Your marriage cannot work unless you do.

This workbook will give you a chance to personally apply the valuable tools to enjoy marathon relationships as presented in the companion book, How to Build an Enduring Marriage. It is a must to take the words off the page and integrate the principles into your life!

In having the tool to think about how the material applies to your own life and marriage, and then in writing it down, it is a commitment to excellence. It is taking a step beyond just knowing the information or reading about tools and principles: it is writing down what you want to do in your own relationships to bring them to the next level. There is enough space that you can write in your workbook over and over if you re-read the book every several years.

Good relationships aren’t about controlling others, manipulating others, or remaking anyone into the person you want him or her to be. The book and workbook are designed so you can look in the mirror at the end of the day and know that, one day at a time, you lived your life that day making the most you could from it. Knowing you made wise choices and you weren’t distracted by anything that wasn’t in line with your maximized divine destiny. Realizing you are in control of your responses and able to maximize your potential—despite others’ choices.

I want readers to awaken their senses to discern where they are falling short of living the lives they dreamed of, and take concrete and tangible measureable steps to do what they can to resurrect those dreams. To analyze some of the skewed ideas that have fastened themselves to their lives like leeches, taking away enthusiasm and vitality in their relationships.  When you commit to apply relationship principles, results follow.

The teacher’s manual is for women who have such a passion for excellence, in their own marriages and for others, that they choose to leave their comfort zones and extend themselves to teaching and living a higher standard.Women who want to learn and grow: to take their relationships to the next level, and to help other women to do the same.  Your willingness to extend yourself to others in leading a class is going to bring you joys, benefits, and rewards you cannot comprehend until you experience them first-hand.As you share, you will become accountable to living a higher standard for your relationships than you may have settled for earlier. As you encourage others, be sure to consistently apply the principles in your own relationships. As you lead a group on building better relationships, soon you realize that you can’t make excuses or justify attitudes or behavior that contradict what you are teaching. That accountability is a bonus and what we need to continually work at your own marriage and keep your own standards high.

I welcome you as you link arms with me and with others in the work to defy statistics and build enduring marriages. I would love to hear of your victories and successes along the way.