How to Build an Enduring Marriage (Teacher’s Manual)

How to Build an Enduring Marriage Teacher's Manual

I want to invite you to take a journey with me while we study and apply ourselves to live out our priorities. It is a journey designed to leave excuses behind as we apply ourselves to an extreme relationship workout. We are going to lift the ideals we have settled for in our relationships to new standards, set aside pre-conceived ideas, commit to develop and apply new skills, and take a look at some of the priorities we have unintentionally allowed to slacken. As we dedicate ourselves to these tasks, results will follow. This book will give you the tools to enjoy marathon relationships.

• Avoid common obstacles that hinder successful communication
• Identify destructive habits that are eating away at marital happiness
• Prepare to get through problems without danger or injury to your relationship
• Achieve true intimacy, love, and friendship with your husband
• Hold onto joy through the ups and downs of life together
• Your marriage cannot work unless you do.

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