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Last Thursday a group of women took an evening and redeemed the time… we turned an evening on the calendar into something that mattered for eternity. I am keenly aware that when a group of quality, empowering, inspiring women get together in one room, amazing things are bound to happen. That’s why I’m always trying to get women together in one place! And last Thursday’s event at my home was no exception. Some of the initial things that warmed my…

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Friendship and Hospitality

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Friendships 1.         There are different levels of friendships.             Define:  acquaintance, casual friendship, close friendship (mutuality), and      intimate friendship. 2.         There are different seasons of friendships.             Your life is like a skyscraper, with each floor representing a different part of your life.  Realize that some friends are there for a season:  you may be sharing the experience of a hobby your child likes together, or have children in the same activities or sports, but afterwards it is difficult…

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