2010-05-01 Another day exploring near Terrasini

Today we drove through Capaci and then went for a visit to Carini, Mrs. Carollo’s family’s home town. We talked to some people in the town, and looked around quite a bit. Stopped for coffee. Then we went back to the hotel for lunch, and headed out for Palermo. We shopped and looked around Palermo, and walked all over the place. We then went to Terrasini and watched a gorgeous sunset. We found an amazing restaurant, Casablanca, which was run by a husband/wife/daughter team. The husband did the bookwork, the wife did all the cooking and serving, and the daughter just brought us the bill! We trusted the cook to prepare a “special dinner” for us, and although it was different than what we would have ordered, it was amazing! It was a fantastic last evening together in Sicily. We finished up with Euchre, and then packed up so we could get up early to leave the next morning.

Bei ricordi insieme che non sarà mai dimenticata …

(Wonderful memories together that will never be forgotten!)