2010-12-27 Cruising…

By December 28, 2010 Family No Comments

A welcome and uneventful day. We started out by working out, then with an amazing Bible study by Gabe about how we need to stand strong during times of shaking. We can’t lose sight of the fact we’re in a battle. We need to stay faithful through tests and trials and not lose sight of what God wants to accomplish through the trial and through us. We need to keep our eyes on the Lord. There are different seasons God wants to bring us through for our personal growth and His glory.

We then went outside to lay out but ended up on the 14th floor playing cards. We went to the salad bar for lunch, and then back to play more games. Dinner was formal night, with a “Captain’s Gala” theme. Afterwards, we went to the Once Upon a Time Show where talented dancers and singers took old time stories and fairy tales and put modern music and dancing to them. It was really really good.