2010-12-28 Labadee, Haiti

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Another workout to start the day, followed by another good Bible study by Jesse on Ecclesiastes 5. We talked about how it is a life of sacrifice for eternal values that brings fruit and purpose. He talked about taking it to the next level and how it involves hearing from the Lord, making a commitment to action, and following through. Missing one of those things can result in meaninglessness. Ecc. 11.9 tells the young to enjoy every minute, but know you must give account, and ends with a threat of meaninglessness if you don’t live purposefully. Don’t wait for the perfect time to step out with what God wants you to do; the time is now. Pursue excellence and God’s purpose and don’t live to pursue wealth, because you will end up leaving the world naked and empty-handed. Ecclesiastes 5.7 tells us that “dreaming all the time instead of working is foolishness…”

After our Bible study, we grabbed a quick breakfast and then went off the ship to explore Labadee, Haiti. The vendors kept us entertained. It wasn’t the greatest weather, with a slight drizzle at times. We walked around a bit, and then headed back to play more games on the 14th floor, have lunch, and then get ready for dinner. We met back for another quick game of Scrabble (Hannah and I), and then a few people played pinochle. We met for dinner, “Surf” theme, then went to an amazing magic/illusionist show. Then the boys went to watch a little football, and we all met up for 70’s dancing in the streets night.