2010-12-30 Grand Cayman

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Worked out and ate breakfast, and then gathered for our Bible study, with Brandon leading. Brandon talked about unity, and the importance of being together with a family vision. He spoke about all of us together accomplishing a lot, but even more because we have unity. Together we can do amazing things. Brandon suggested we add a category to our yearly goals – that of a family goal. Then headed off the boat to beautiful Grand Cayman. Got a taxi to the 7 mile beach, and laid out, swam, and walked along the beach. Walked to lunch and shopped at a few local stores, and then headed back to the ship. Had a coffee with Gary, and walked around the Promenade. Met at 5 for pinochle with the girls, and then at 6 for dinner (“Venetian Fest” theme). Then went to a Broadway singing and dancing show at Acadia theater. The boys went to hang out and the girls were tired so we all went to sleep early!