2011-01-01 Cruising towards home…

By January 2, 2011 Family No Comments

Started off the morning with another good (but a LITTLE bit later) workout, then went for breakfast. We got together for a Bible study, where Gary shared on loving your enemies from the “be-attitudes”. Beginning in Matthew 5, Gary went through a lot of Scriptures which showed the importance of loving your enemies, and trusting God to handle any problems with people instead of handling them yourself.

Afterwards, we all packed up our stuff a little and got things ready for departure. We met for an amazing “Freedom Fest” dinner where everyone really lived it up! We then went to a last night show, which was the “grand finale” of shows (everyone except Danny — he worked out instead!). There was a REALLY funny comedian and some acrobats and jugglers and stuff.

Then the boys went out for a late night pizza and the girls headed off to get a good night’s rest!