2011-07-04 Fun in Montepulciano, Arezzo & Cortona

What fun we had — started out with breakfast in Sinalunga, then grocery shopping, then back to Villa Scopetello. We then headed out to Montepulciano, an old walled town. We bought some pottery pieces there, had a good lunch and toured the town It was awesome to drive up the hill in our 15-passenger truck — hard to even pass a car since the roads are so narrow. It was VERY interesting when we ended up in a PIAZZA (square) where there were no cars allowed! ha! Gary did well backing up and getting back on the road again. Went to Arezzo, where we shopped down a few streets and walked around. Then off to Cortona for dinner and gelato. We got home really late (about 11 p.m.) and AMBER AND JESSE were there — joining us for the rest of the trip!