2011-07-05 Monteriggioni, San Gimignano & Siena

We had an amazing day. Started out with an INCREDIBLE family photo op now that Jesse and Amber are here. Great Bible study by Michael & Bethany on what God expects of US. Grabbed a fast breakfast here and then out the door to Monteriggioni. It was great to shop there, walk the wall a little, take some pictures and head out to San Gimignano. In San Gimignano we had lunch at an Osteria just inside the wall, split up and shopped and went to museums and then met back at the square. Then off to Siena. Siena was VERY challenging to find a parking space, and we ended up at the top of the hill driving into crowds on very narrow streets, and I have to say I was definitely riding the clutch with Gary's 9-passenger van behind me and the people and alley in front of me. We parked and enjoyed the entire rest of the day in Siena. Had a great dinner at a cute little Osteria, then back to our car to find TWO parking tickets each! We are going to work on getting off these, because we have NO IDEA why we have them!!! Came home and Hannah cut up a watermelon and we all hung out talking and eating watermelon, and now the boys are watching a movie!