2011-07-06 Cancelled Balloon Ride and Cooking Lesson!

We got up VERY EARLY to get ready and get to the hot air balloon ride. We had quite a ride there, getting lost and going all over the place. Only to find out that the fog was too dense to go up in the air! A big disappointment, but we handled it well.

We went back to the Villa and back to bed! When we woke up we went to Sinalunga for lunch and found an amazing pizzeria. We finished lunch with a Nutella pizza! We then went back to the Villa to meet Elisa for our cooking lesson. The girls made an AMAZING dinner: summer minestrone soup, summer pepper soup with croutons, ricotta and spinach dumplings, homemade noodles tagliatelle and pesto, flourless chocolate cake and white chocolate mousse with peaches. The boys played tennis and hung out at the pool. They went and picked up a few groceries.
We got together and had an amazing dinner and fascinating discussion. It was unbelievable! Now we have to get some rest because tomorrow is going to be a long hiking day at Cinque Terra!~