A Blank Sheet of Paper to Write On! Inspired by God’s goodness to me!

To My Precious Child from Your Heavenly Father:

Attached is a new sheet of paper. It has never been written on. I have a special assignment for you today:

-Please write anything you want on this paper. This paper is how you want to live today.

-Make sure you start with a blank paper. That means leaving any unforgiveness, bad attitudes towards others, bitterness or anger out of it. Give all others a fresh start in your heart, and write with an appreciation for others, knowing that I do the same for you today.

-You can write something you learned from other papers in your past that you don’t want to forget today, but you cannot re-write your past.

-You can write something you hope for in your future that you want to remember today, but right now, you cannot write your future: you can only write your “today”.

-Write with reckless abandon – I want you to throw yourself into this day and live 100% in it – don’t hold back.

-I want you to write without fear. Know that I am with you today to walk with you. Look at the Bible and the accounts of all those who have gone before you. Trust Me.

-I want you to write with Me in mind. You know the plans I have for you. You know what I have told you is good for you and what is not. Just as you don’t have to call your parents to make every little decision because you know what they would say, don’t think you have to ask Me for every little decision. You know which relationships I will bless and which I will not; you know what things I will bless and which I won’t.

-I want you to soak up the gifts I’ve given you today. The people, the places, the events. I want you to be the most amazing culmination of YOU there can be today. Be a wise steward over the things I’ve put into your life today, and make a difference in the lives of others, at the places you go and at the events you attend today. Once today is gone, some of the people, places and events may never be there again. But know that I will never change.

-Write your own paper. No copying. No cheating. No asking someone else to write for you. No blaming someone else for what is written on your paper. Only you can write your today and take responsibility for your today.

-Write with courage. It takes courage to face new challenges, climb new mountains, face new difficulties. Do all you can and leave the results to Me.

-This day is only a day quickly passed and gone. Give ALL.

-And when tomorrow comes, I will give you a new paper to do the assignment again.

Love, Your Heavenly Father