Another reason I love October for birthdays!

By October 5, 2008 Family No Comments

I get to share my birthday month with my darling adopted niece Kaylee.  She is so adorable!  She is smart and loving and kind.  I love spending time with her!  Look at this FACE — how could you ever refuse her anything?!  At my house, she is allowed to do ANYTHING and I tell her she is the PRINCESS!

Here we are at Kaylee’s birthday party.  The only sad thing was I had to leave QUICKLY because I had a strong reaction to her cat, Precious!

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  • jessie says:

    We loved having you! Sorry about Precious! : (

    I JUST stumbled upon your blog JUST NOW! You didn’t tell me you started one! I’m sooo excited! This one is SOOO much easier to view than your other one! Horray!!!

    Now you are maintaining FOUR blogs! SUPERWOMAN!!!

  • Karen says:

    Notice how the posts get later and later into the wee hours of the morning……