Apple Pie Season!

By October 29, 2008 Family No Comments
Today I had to start making apple pies already — Bethany even went and got some of the ingredients!  I only made a few, and one is almost gone.  I will be making pies all month now with all the apples we picked!  I LOVE my apple pie recipe and have it to a science how I like it, and it’s my kids favorite apple pie now too!  It is SUCH A CHORE to make them, but everyone LOVES them.  They will not let a piece out the door:  poor Brandon asked to bring a piece to eat on the way home and almost had the door guarded on him!   I took this pic with my iPhone, but it’s even prettier in person!

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  • yummy looks delish!!! i’ll be right over~don’t worry though i won’t leave with a piece i will just sit right down and eat it in your lovely kitchen!

    i think you should bring one to Gilda’s next week to share with our lovely ladies whata say??

  • Anonymous says:

    MMMMM, looks wonderful!

  • firefly says:

    that does look delish. could you send a piece home with my mom on friday.!. ha. jk. it’ll probably be gone by then if it looks as good as it tastes