Busy Day!

By November 3, 2008 Family No Comments

We had a great day making apple pies together.  Amber came over, Hannah was home, Bethany and then Emily, and we made FOUR apple pies!  Hannah made caramel apples too!  Then we had Gabe, Jesse, Matt, Zach, Daniel, and Justin joined us for an incredible spaghetti and meatballs and fish dinner, an (obviously) great dessert, the grueling job of getting the boat out of the water (ending up with a VERY injured ankle on Jesse!), and the Truth Project Lesson 3. What an awesome time we had together!

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  • wow another injury for Jesse? i hope it’s not serious. I am still salivating for just ONE bite of your apple pie!! PLEASE! call we stupid but.. what is TRUTH PROJECT ?

    love you budz