Christa and Brandon’s Big Day!

When Christa set out for work on Friday, little did she know what was in store. As soon as she left, Kristen and I sprang into action, and began cooking for a surprise engagement party to be held later that evening. Decorations came flying out from hidden places, as we scurried about all day getting things ready. Paula, Brandon’s mom, came over and helped, and together we all began creating a masquerade themed party that Christa would never forget.

Brandon took Christa to an ice rink, where he rented out the entire rink. When Christa wondered why no one was skating, he just said because it was June and it’s not too busy, and she thought that was a reasonable explanation so still didn’t have a clue! Then he played a special song he wrote for her that he had pre-setup at the rink. She was so surprised, because he had been writing the song for some time.

When Brandon got down on one knee in the middle of the rink, though, Christa knew this was not just an ordinary day.

Brandon called me in from the parking lot, where I was waiting with camera in hand. After snapping a few pictures, I went back to the party, and Christa & Brandon went to Mike’s house to get ready for the party.

We had an amazing party, with awesome tributes to Christa and Brandon given throughout the evening. An incredible menu and theme (masquerade), with Brandon’s and Christa’s family all there…

What an amazing night to remember!

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