Fun in Florida

By November 10, 2008 Family No Comments

We had a fun day today.  Although it was difficult pulling the girls out of bed (we didn’t really get settled until after 2 a.m. from flying in), we made up for lost time.  Did an awesome Bible study, lounged around the pool, reading and doing puzzles, walked and ran and worked out (Bethany is my own personal trainer this week — ouch!), then went to Downtown Disney.  It was hilarious because we had Bethany’s iPhone GPS system and another one and we drove around for about 40 minutes, only to discover that Downtown Disney is about 2 minutes from where we’re staying!  

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  • jessie says:

    How’s the weather?!?! I’ll be there in 8 days!!!

  • Karen says:

    Jessie, I just can’t stop thinking of how much FUN you and Kaylee will have here! The weather is GREAT, and record highs during the days (80’s!), which may drop a bit by next week. It gets cool at night so bring nice warm jackets so you’re not cold. Tonight I wore a sweatsuit jacket over a short sleeved shirt AND my coat!