God Is Response-able!

Great reminder from Kim!

“The Lord Himself goes BEFORE you and will be with you….” Deuteronomy 31: 8a

God is already there!!!!! Whew!!!! ALLELUIA!!!! He has already been through it! He has already worked it all out!!!! THANK YOU Lord that we are not in charge!!!
…not in charge of the future,
… not in charge of how our friends and family members respond to us,
… not in charge of finding a new job (when we’ve already done what we can),
… not in charge of how things will turn out after we’ve prayed and left in God’s hands!

What a relief knowing I am not responsible for those around me! I can be concerned, I may even get hurt, but I am not in charge of anyone else’s choices and free will! Whew!!

Abba Father, THANK YOU for being the One who will always be there to pick up the pieces of our life!! We make such a mess of them at times and it is such a relief to know that IF WE LET YOU, You will work all things out for good- one way or another!

You go BEFORE us, You know what is coming, You will be there to hold us up!
Thank You!