Jesus is HERE!

Great reminder from Kim – thanks Kim!

“Then you will call, and the Lord will answer,

you will cry for help, and He will say:

HERE AM I!” Isaiah 58: 9a

What comforting words, “Here Am I!” What Peace those words bring!! They mean …

… He has not forgotten us!

… He KNOWS what we are going through!

… He already has a plan to bring good out of any pain and suffering!

… He will remain with us, no matter what!!! He is there!!

Do you know His Love is with you when you are all alone?

Do you know His Compassion waits to comfort you during the toughest of times?

Do you know His Presence is with you, especially when we are making difficult decisions? And His strength is available to help us make the right choices?

Do you know He waits to speak with us everyday? Patiently He waits!

Wow, what Love! Can we say that about anyone else? ALWAYS there for us? Never too busy, never doing an errand, always available?

Father God, Please Forgive us for taking You for granted? Why do live the way WE want when You know what is better? Why do we not listen to Your Wisdom? Why do we not make ourselves more available to You and Your Work? Please forgive us Father!

We are so confused, so messed up by the lies we are told! May we NOT let Your Love letter go unused! May it direct the way we respond in all circumstances this day!! Thank You for providing us with the answers!