Monday in Paris

By October 25, 2010 Family No Comments
I had such a great day. I was pretty bummed Gary had to work today, but I got going with our (very) “continental” breakfast of yogurt and muesli and off I went. Walked to the Eiffel Tower and gazed at it with its changing-by-the-minute personality. Walked along the Seine River and took in every sight and sound: the boats going by, the birds, the lovers walking, children skipping and playing, autumn leaves blowing, people selling their wares, chestnuts roasting, horns honking… loving every minute. I feel like I jumped into a movie or something!
Then down the ChampsElysées and loved stopping in all the stores and looking at all the people everywhere. Especially LOVED going to Laduree’s and getting some macrons (HOPEFULLY they will make it home this time!). Then had an amazing lunch there.

Then I went to the Monet exhibition and waited over 45 minutes in line only to discover it would be another 3 hour wait, so I left, and walked all the way back down the ChampsElysées on the OTHER side of the street, past the Eiffel Tower and to my hotel. Got ready, and then a driver picked me up and took me to meet Gary and his Paris team for dinner.