Pay it OFF!

Hi everyone, this is a little unusual for a “Collegiate Wonders” typical Bible study, but this is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION for your generation right now.

Please understand: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT charge one PENNY on any “extras” until you are debt-free! Yes, that means no extra CLOTHES, no extra TRIPS, no extra “deserved” VACATIONS, no extra ANYTHING. No extra $5 items nor $10.

THIS is the way my husband Gary and I got ahead. We followed scriptural principles TO A “T” on not borrowing money or charging. At times we lived on RICE and hamburger for more than a week. We made do with one car. We bought NO CLOTHES, and CERTAINLY would NEVER have considered buying a purse OR dress OR extra shirt over $10!!

Your generation is in for a HUGE AWAKENING this next upcoming year. My husband and I want to tell you: GET RID OF ANY DEBT THAT WILL NOT ENABLE YOU TO BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR OWN FINANCES. The borrower WILL serve the lender! You will CONTINUALLY SEE people that (sometimes innocently and misguidedly) lived beyond their means now paying HUGE CONSEQUENCES and losing everything. In fact some people that lived WITHIN THEIR MEANS are losing everything!

Here are some ideas:

*STOP buying! STOP going out to eat! STOP planning trips!
*STOP living like movie stars do! STOP buying exorbitantly priced items!
*PARE down everything you can pare down.
*If you had to go into debt for something, don’t just think “I’m just adding a LITTLE more to my debt.” Read the article below about “COMPOUNDING INTEREST” and see what that is going to mean if you keep ADDING to your debt!
*Live on as LITTLE OUTLAY as possible and save as MUCH MONEY as possible.
*PAY OFF as much debt as possible — even $5 here and $5 there will ADD UP and STOP compounding interest!
*Start saving as MUCH as POSSIBLE in as many ways as possible.
*Cut down on monthly bills. DO WITHOUT anything you can do without until you are debt free!!!!

We have been virtually AROUND THE WORLD. The economic CRISES has affected every nation. We are in Palm Desert right now going by stores closed down, and empty businesses. The economic crunch is JUST ON THE FIRST ROUND of a multi-round fight! Any money you borrow now will threaten your financial security later.

Your generation MUST DO WITH MUCH LESS in order to make it through. Do not live “ABOVE YOUR MEANS.” How do you live “above your means”? By living on someone else’s cash? How do you live on someone else’s cash? If you owe ANY AMOUNT of MONEY for ANY THING and you purchase something — you are NOT purchasing it with YOUR OWN MONEY but with BORROWED FUNDS (and DON’T get caught up in “good debt” or “bad debt” — ALL DEBT IS BAD according to Scripture because it ROBS you of your financial FREEDOM).

IF any of you need any help in budgeting your money, my husband will be GLAD to help you. It is imperative that you work a solution to get out of debt NOW. SERIOUS times are coming in the next year to three years. Only if you are living by this Biblical standard will you make it through the financial storm that is only just now heading our way!

I love you guys! Please ask for help to get a plan to repay if you have a lot of outstanding debt. Please take this to heart!