Real JOY!!!

By September 30, 2008 Bible Studies No Comments
Thanks Kim for this awesome study on JOY!

“You have made known to me the path of life; You will fill me with JOY in Your presence…” Psalm 16: 11

JOY…the acronym we usually think of for the word JOY is..Jesus…Others…You!
In a devotional I was reading a different acronym was suggested,
Journey Outside Yourself!!!
It sums up the way we experience Joy perfectly, because Joy does not come from anything we do, it comes from outside ourselves!

True Joy comes from TRUSTING God (not ourselves!) to be our guide in every
aspect along our journey!
True Joy is JESUS (not us!), whose life, death, and resurrection offers us forgiveness
of sins and eternal salvation!
True Joy means CONTENTMENT and PEACE even during the darkest hours! We try
and make ourselves happy with the stuff of this world but JOY only comes through
God, which is outside of ourselves!

Almighty God, please increase our Joy as we study Your Word and let it guide our days!! Your Joy is extraordinary!! It is just Amazing how we can have Peace and Joy and Contentment during such troubled times!!! You are Incredible! Thank You for Your gifts! JOY is way better than happiness! Happiness is fleeting!!! We have it one minute and it is gone the next! Only when things are going our way can we be happy!!

But, we can be Joyful in all circumstances because…

“The Lord has done GREAT THINGS for us, and we are filled with Joy.” Psalm 126:3

Father, we Thank You for the great things You have provided for us…. including; Forgiveness of the evil we do, Hope that gives us renewed energy, Your Unconditional Love that covers over all the hateful things we are exposed to and Your Promise of Life Everlasting with You!!! Thank You for these constant, never changing gifts that bring us great Joy!! They are gifts we can grab onto and take beyond this world!! They are eternal gifts!