Strength to the Weary!

Thanks, Kim, for the great study!

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.” Isaiah 40: 29a

(We’ll look at the first half of this verse today)
What are you weary from? watching the fall of the stock market? ….. being unable to find a job and security? ….. watching the deterioration of a relationship? ….. the ever constant needs of your toddlers? ….. trying to direct your teenager? ….. being over extended at work? (sometimes He gives us the wisdom to change our situation) ….. taking care of an ailing parent? ….. keeping track of the lies we’ve told? ….. Are you WEARY? Are you just plain tired from it all?

Our Creator KNEW we would become weary and offers us HIS STRENGTH!!!!
Strength to get up in the morning, strength to persevere, and strength to turn to Him away from the wicked ways we get entrapped in during this life on earth!

God WILL give us strength to face it all!! Really, He will and does!!!

Let us remember….
We don’t have to continue on our OWN STRENGTH!
We don’t have to DEPEND on OUR OWN POWER to get us through!
We are NOT in this ALONE!
We have STRONG and LOVING ARMS we can fall into!!!
God can and WILL Strengthen us when we are weary!!!

Abba Father, Your children come to You tired and heavy burdened! We seek refuge in the shadows of Your Wings and in the protection of Your Arms! You offer to take our heavy yoke and give us Your easy and light one- we are so Thankful!