The Joy of Fellowship

A great study from Kim…

“Then God said, ‘Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, …” Genesis 1: 26a

I never noticed the word “our” before in this passage. I just remember that we were made in God’s image, but really it goes farther than that, we were created in the image of the Trinity. God was not alone, He was (and still is) part of a relationship! We were created out of relationship for relationship!

Many of us at church are reading a small book entitled, “Epic- The Story God is Telling” by John Eldredge and I will be sharing some of John’s thoughts with you this week.

“One of the deepest of all human longings is the longing to belong, to be a part of things, to be invited in. We want to be part of the fellowship….

…Loneliness might be the hardest cross we bear. Why else would we have come up with solitary confinement as a form of punishment? We are relational to the core. We are made, as it says in Genesis, in the image of God or, better, in the image of the Trinity.
(“…make man in OUR image, OUR likeness…”)

From the heart of the universe come our beating hearts. From this Fellowship spring all of our longings for a friend, a family, a fellowship- for someplace to belong.”

Our Heavenly Father, Sweet Jesus, and Holy Spirit, we Thank You for making us in Your Image, for making us a part of Your family, for creating us to be Your Child!! What Joy and Love that brings to us!! What Peace and Contentment it encompasses us with! Thank You for the most important and vital relationship we have- the one with You!!

We also Thank You for the family and friends You have placed in our lives! These relationships bring us such Joy but also, in this sinful world, much pain and heartache! But, we need these relationships, our hearts long to have others to love and to love us!

Please forgive us Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for the PAIN, heartache and frustration we cause You each and every day when we turn away from You! Please give us the wisdom to know when the evil one is trying to trick us with lies and/or when our selfish selves get in the way of our relationship with You!!

We Joyfully come before You in the Mighty Name of Your Son, Jesus the Christ. Amen.