The JUST shall LIVE by FAITH

Reading Habukkuk- this is a book about a conversation with a prophet with God. Habukkuk is crying out to God because he doesn’t understand how the wicked are overthrowning the righteous!!! He is confused that the wicked prevail, they are spitting in God’s face… how can God even tolerate it!! In Chapter 2 Habukkuk says… I WILL WAIT FOR THE LORD TO ANSWER MY PRAYER.. in Vs. 2 and GOD ANSWERED HIM AND SAID “Write the vision, and make it plain about tables, that he may RUN that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an APPOINTED time, but at the END it shall SPEAK, and not lie, THOUGH it TARRY, WAIT for it, because it will surely come, it WILL NOT tarry!!! vs. 4 and the JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH…

God was telling me.. Hannah even when the world seems to be winning, when you are beaten down and you feel like you are the only one overwhelmed with research, school, wedding planning, moving… and everyone else that is not Christian or serving God seems to be stress free, getting great job offers and into specialist postions….. WAIT FOR YOUR VISION!!!! WRITE IT DOWN… AND WAIT FOR IT!!!! I have a plan and a purpose for you… and when you get it… RUN WITH IT!!!!! you have to LIVE BY FAITH that it will come… it may take TIME… but it will come… LIVE BY FAITH… knowing that you serve a God that all his promises are YES AND AMEN.. that when you are concerned with things of this world… that stuff DOESN’T MATTER TO ME!!!!! Only the advancement of MY kingdom and YOUR HEART matters to me… so trust in me… live by FAITH TODAY… knowing that I have a perfect plan for you!