Undivided Heart

Great Bible study from Kim…

“Their hearts are always going astray.” Hebrews 3: 10

With the heart God has blessed us with, He gives us the free will to reject Him!

“Good grief, why? He knows what free-willed creatures can do. He has already suffered one massive betrayal in the rebellion of the angels. He knows how we will use our freedom, what misery and suffering, what hell will be unleashed on earth because of our choices. WHY? Is He out of His mind?” (from the “Epic” written by John Eldredge)

God knows that without free will LOVE means NOTHING!!! How could it? If we don’t have the freedom to choose, how can we love or hate? Having a choice means it is real!!!

So, God gives us the free will to love Him and others! He also gives us the free will not to love Him, to turn our back on Him!

We have the choice to turn TO God or turn AWAY from Him!!! What will your heart do?
Will your heart turn away from the only ONE who truly, unconditionally loves you?
Will your heart be given to someone other than Jesus?
Will it turn to the ways of the world?
Will it turn towards your selfish desires?
Will it turn to God and His Ways?
Will it turn to others and seek their needs?
Will your heart be available for whatever is needed?
Will your heart be open and ready to be used by our King?

Our Heavenly King, You have gifted us with a heart!!! A beautiful heart that is able to LOVE, to GIVE, and to NOURISH others!! Help us please Father not to let this heart go astray! Help us to keep it clean, right with You and focused on what is good and pure! May our hearts always be open to be used to bring more into Your Kingdom! Please watch over our hearts Father and use them to let others SEE YOU!!